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"Lilo will you and Zinnia stop!" Namai said to her sister and her sister's girlfriend. " hey we're just trying to help." Lilo replied to her older sister. " come on we all know how you feel about Gladion." Zinnia tells her trying to convince her to go for it. Zinnia then adds "I mean I came all the way from Hoenn just for your sister here!" then puts her arm around Lilo and kisses her. Namai then left the house and bumps into Hau. "Hey Hau!" "Namai hi so what are you up to!?" Hau asked. "Nothing really you?" " oh nothing , just going to see Lillie. Want to go with me?" Hau asked? " sure why not, I got nothing else better to do." " and are you actually going to tell Lillie how you feel about her?" Hau blushed at the question. So they take a boat to the Aether Paradise. "Hey Hau,Namai!" Lillie said very cheerfully. "H-happy Valentine's Day Lilllie." Hau gives Lillie a rose. "Aww thanks Hau." Lillie gives a kiss on the cheek. "Cute, Lilllie is your brother here? I'd like to talk to him."" Yeah, you know where to find him." Lillie responds knowing Namai's been here a million times. She goes to the floor Gladion's on to talk to him. "Hey Namai what are you doing here?" Gladion asked. " I came here to talk to you." "Really why?"
Namai decides not to answer his question and makes her move. She kisses Gladion." You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that and Happy Valentine's Day!" A blush spreads across her face along with Gladion's. " hey ummm... would you like to go out for dinner Namai?" He rubs the back of his neck on sure of what her answer is going to be. " I'd love to." She takes his hand and they leave.
Happy Valentines
It's a little Valentine's Day story
Oh yeah Lilo and her sister on my character's. Zinnia, Hau, Gladion and Lillie belongs Nintendo
loot anime
So I got a loot anime box and I got this awesome No Game No Life t-shirt one of my favorite animes of all time
So here's the thing an amazing artist who has inspired me is getting her home taken away and that artist would be Camila Cuevas. now for those of you who don't know who Camila Cuevas she's the creator of a series on YouTube called glitch tale and she's an amazing animator I just heard about this from Ultima Almighty and walkingmelons who are good friends of Camila Cuevas. So basically her family owed the bank money. So she decided to give them her YouTube money basically took it and said we're still selling your house. She was her her family's only source of money and now she's broke so I would like everyone on deviantART on YouTube on whatever site on the internet to go help Camila Cuevas woman has inspired me to do so many drawings and I look up to her so much I just can't imagine her having her house taken away I mean that just sounds so awful. So please please help Camila Cuevas go send her money on patreon or if you don't have patreon support her and and if you don't have a patreon go support her through her P.o box or something.


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I like anime,drawing, and sing


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